Moscow Cellular Communications

This momentum can easily keep track of comparing the old and new cards for admission to specialized sites on Tariffs and mobile phone SkyLink. Skylink quite popular network among Moscow's clerks, who on paper have a lot of talking on a cell phone, and far out of the city for years, they are not selected. Traditionally, with Sonnet times, Sky Link use "real boys", because it wrongly assumed that somehow it was harder to hear than gsm phones. By the way, had to go in a police environment, so there too many in the Skylink, probably for the same reasons. Broker – the same category of professional accessories, among them very few uses expensive GSM-unlimited. Students and pupils, not all can afford unlimited, they are a joy to Bi-plus jeans or a set of 50 rubles. One of the sites on mobile topics conducted a sociological survey, respondents who were asked to answer the question: "What the operator mobile capital, you think is best? "About 48% reported bbc Online, 28% – mts, 22% – Megaphone and about 2% – Skylink.

Telecommunications operator, in fact, is irrelevant, as long as it took the signal where you need it, and their holes in the coverage area are available for any operator. For example, in the same villa, 37 km from Moscow, mts confidently takes only about a window on the second floor, so mts for me expelled immediately. Special attention is given to the office of Sky Link in this building to Sky Link office located Moscow Cellular Communications (MCC), the first mobile operator in Russia. So, as far back as reckless 90's when I bought my first analog bezlimitnik, the office seemed to me ultramodern. Firstly, I was struck by a bedside table, issuing checks with the serial number in the queue, it is now full of them, and in those years, she was just there. Secondly, the design in natural wood create a very welcoming atmosphere and the staff were surprised by their professionalism. We were happy appearance of mobile phone, despite the fact that they weighed a kilogram, and resembles a huge radio. We are not upset that the dock connection, when close riding a trolley bus, when, lying next to a television remote control without the permission of the phone to change channels.

Progress in our time goes by leaps and bounds, phones have become multifunctional devices, rates are also adapted to modern conditions. Phone in the world today is not just a communication tool, this is a modem for Internet access, this is a whole navigation system, a curator of the vast amount of information media player and video and audio content. Time dictates his own. Modernized, not only technical devices, we introduce new services and tariff plans. The world is not without good people, guided by just that, one of the capital operators introduced a new tariff plan "Charity", this unlimited plan with monthly payment of $ 360, about half of which come at the expense of charity. This rate is estimated to be used demand among the wealthy customers who have limited time, so to speak, have a desire to help, but can not afford because of high workload. It remains only to wish that the number of subscribers served by on this tariff plan, growing each day!