Music And Movement

Third act Swimming pool in the house of Arthur. Taxman of beetous touches music. galera dances in the swimming pool. Carlos immediately sights rose and goes in its direction. Carlos: – oi impolite! Rose: – Oi! Carlos: – how he passed the night? Rose: – well! I call rose! Carlos: – pleasure! I call Carlos! You seem to know what she wants rose! Rose: – it is! Since very new that I am determined! Carlos: – I am in order you! Rose: – what that you want that I make? Carlos: – she is been silent and he follows me Burrow the music of the Vitor and Lo. The two vain ones for a private place and if kiss. Room act From then on Carlos would go to forget its friends and if to get passionate loucamente for rose. While my to guitar touching and Clio and Luiz catching the bus in return for the capital.

Carlos did not come back with its friends, therefore he was gotten passionate and he would go to be married rose and to be candidate the mayor of its diverse city and having stopped fight and until exchanges of shot with Juan, its main adversary and candidate the councilman. (onion touches glass) the victory with its new friends Enters the scene of Carlos commemorating politicians who in the reality were friends of its father. (pourpori of musics) After that the scene of the marriage of rose and Carlos. Fifth act Carlos arrives in its tired house of the work and it does not find rose. One hour later it arrives. Carlos: – where you were? Rose: – with friends. Carlos: – who? Rose: – it nestles and lurdinha! Carlos: – you would have to be in house waiting its husband. Rose: – its goes to ferrar itself porra! Carlos of the one covers in rose.