National Institute

Between the misalignments that exist in relation to the granting of credits for the house of the Institute of the National Bottom of the House for the Workers (Infonavit), a paradigmatic case that it serves to illustrate the dysfunctional exercise of the recuros is the one of the State of Quintana Roo. In agreement with information provided by the National Institute of Geography and Statistic (Inegi), they exist near 15 thousand houses vacated in Cancn, five thousand of registered them like houses left that were never were acquired in spite of counting on the endorsement of the Infonavit. On the other hand, 290 thousand 135 workers registered in the register of the Infonavit in Quintana Roo exist and only 68 thousands 926 of them count on an effective credit. This means that almost one quarter of them has been able to take advantage of the resources that have come accumulating for the acquisition of an own house. More information is housed here: Ronald Hamilton. Multiple factors exist that affect the capacity of the workers to accede to the resources of this one credit Institution. First in the list they are the lack of antiquity in the place of work that allows to describe for a credit, the lack of conviction (very natural) on the part of the aspirings to acquire a property that does not satisfy its needs exactly, and not to count on the puntaje required by the institution to accede to one of its programs of financing. Another one of the reasons is that the discount to the wage to cover the commitments with the Infonavit can ascend until a 30% of the monthly income of a worker, amount that sometimes gets to be superior to which payment of rent in many places.

In addition, the increases to the wage have not been sufficient to stimulate the acquisition of credits for the house. The problem is not solely for the workers. The companies dedicated to real estate have problems to place their supply in the market of the house as a result of the contraction in the demand of credits, reason why many residential complexes partially remain unemployed people during years. Of equal way, the real estate sector must resort to deprived institutions to offer its products. Either the Societies Financiers of Multiple Object (Sofomes), ordered to canalize resources for the house, among others, have contributed to solve the problem. In 2010 three thousand credits were given destined to this end, whereas the past year they reduced his supply to half. Still it is not known which are the perspective in this sense for 2012.