New Mobihexer Formats

Mobihexer Awards Mobihexer more distributorships for mobile websites with new features in PDF format and E-catalogue Mobihexer has taken another step in the mobility for the Internet. The phone is made to a constantly available branch of Web presence. The personal site in variable format for the mobile phone is not only a mobile business card, but it represents as well as the website and is available without a PC. The Website Builder by Mobihexer is suitable for all industries. Individually customizable, no matter how much or what it intends – as a customized mobile Web presence creates close and attract attention. Whether hikers after an extended tour of the day are looking for a hotel with bed & Breakfast or vacationers want to inform local about destinations, with the mobile site it is always in the front row.

Looking for who wants to learn during a train ride on the latest of his favourite football club or an art gallery, the possibilities are endless. All sectors – whether hotels,. Doctors, animal shelters, or organizers of events – are with a mobile website always among the first. Who can be found quickly and easily even without a notebook, is ahead of the competition a lot. Two more formats in use, to more effectively introduce mobile home pages are now: the mobile home page in PDF format with PDF as a globally accepted format for documents can a website be – easily saved, printed or shipped with previously brought the single pages in an appropriate order. This is useful especially for mobile websites, since they have usually a simpler structure and shorter page texts. Example: pdf / Mobihexer as E-Catalog / flip-book brand new and highly interesting: Mobihexer pages are now available as electronic catalogue.

The “flip-book”, a Flash animation that has no complicated installation, offers smart sheets and search capabilities. These make it easier to track and bring the interested parties quickly to your destination – with entertainment value, because other than the usual HTML pages is here is new media experience possible as the rolling of sheet corners or “real” rustling of pages at the turn. Example with video: ../e-katalog-flip-book Mobihexer offers sales partnerships Mobihexer licenses for commercial purposes, will be procured continue internationally. The distribution partnerships it aims, by attracting new customers, also for the new features PDF and E-catalogue, to open up more market share and to serve existing customers on the spot. Many self-employed can build up an additional income without equity and purchase at the same time valuable knowledge about modern Web 2.0. The website builder Mobihexer, used already by many industries, is free in the basic version. The options of PDF and E-catalogue is available at fixed prices. More information: with video examples and link to the price list. Press contact: internet partnership Dr. Eckard Ritter Allersberger str. 185/O 90461 Nuremberg Tel 0911 373 37 53 fax 0911 373 37 52