New Moon

In many cultures, blood confer special properties. Recall, now popular characters from the films “The Eclipse”, “New Moon” and other vampire series, which going crazy youth. Legends of the life-giving power of blood, there are hundreds of years and they are not groundless. Doctor, do you now say that Dracula is real? At least in our clinic, we had never met (laughs). No mysticism in this medicine is not. In addition to one fact – until now doctors all over the world can not determine why the beating human heart? What makes it knock? This is the great mystery of Creation, and we do not in any way infringe at her.

The physician should not intervene in subtle matter. Otherwise, it’s not a doctor, but an adept of the occult sciences. But, nevertheless, in the blood lies a great potential. Get more background information with materials from Dr. Neal Barnard. To understand the implications of our method, you need to go a little further into biology. Blood cells work skooodinirovanno and continuously interact with each other. Platelets are responsible not only for blood clotting, which has long been known. 15 years ago, it became clear that platelets are also responsible for successful tissue regeneration, as the so-called “signaling” cells. That is, if we are injuring, scratch quickly tightened the blood clot, which becomes a natural bandage for the wound and helps repair damaged skin. This is due to the ability of platelets to produce prothrombin, which helps tissue regeneration.