North German Heike Jederlein

Meanwhile, this includes Seven range in addition to the cloud more motifs: the chunks of wall, the Lufti, the Wowi, the railcar, the bear, the case and the Fernsehturmchen. From inedible salt dough shortcrust pastry was tastier and from the North German Heike Jederlein the Berlin cookie Queen. She offered first its tasty works of art at a prestigious Berlin Hotel, with great success! “An event agency was aware of it and the spicy sweet treats and praise of many prominent tester” earned her the breakthrough. Since then, the cookie Queen goes as the artist calls her back works with their cookies sweetie and recently also with her chocolate honey made of marzipan on tour. The Queens outfit by the way even designs versatile Berlin-Kreuzberg.

It reminds of the good old days”and is a blend of Mary Poppins, Grunderzeit and Parisian chic. Meanwhile, the cookie Queen on many events is represented, for whom she developed also like to individually appropriate art cookies – currently at Frank Zanders Christmas charity event for the benefit of homeless person, for which there will be a “neighborhood biscuit” in the form of the House. In July 2010, she was engaged for the summer festival of the Federal President. On this occasion a new cookie in the form of the hand of the artist created especially upon request of the guest, to the motto of the event Freude-Veranderung-cohesion”to symbolize.