Now Full Program

KU64 offers now also orthodontics on the dental specialists of KU64 their range thanks to the correction of misaligned teeth to a new set of teeth and a beautiful smile with complete modern orthodontics a holistic concept also for back pain and now it is about headache – KU64 completes its range with innovative orthodontics for children, teens and adults. With a holistic treatment approach, the dental specialists on the Kudamm make the new task professionally to treat tooth and jaw deformities and a beautiful smile come true. For this task, a professional team for orthodontics, Gnathologie and osteopathy is responsible at KU64 now. Specialists in orthodontics offer appliances for the correction of tooth and jaw deformities based on a comprehensive analysis of the function, like for example the multi-bracket apparatus. This treatment approach is aimed not only at the young generation, it is possible even in adulthood, according to the Motto: A beautiful teeth and teeth are the business card of each person.

Tooth and jaw deformities are a common cause of chronic diseases of the body. So postural, head and back pain due to, for example, poor chewing and Abbeissen functions. Orthodontics can have this positive effect. Furthermore, habits can be successfully treated like thumb-sucking, lip biting, and so on. Positive influence on functions such as the mechanics of breathing, chewing, swallowing and speaking. Eng-standing teeth straightening is the brushing technique is facilitated, so that negative consequences such as tooth decay and gum disease can be avoided, with the positive effect of a beautiful smile.

The diagnosis includes the consideration of medical and dental history, clinical examination, impressions of the teeth and special x-rays and photographic images. Based on the results of the orthodontist may decide whether an orthodontic treatment recommended should be and what treatment plan in this case is correct. Through further development of techniques and materials, it is possible to use metal-poor and nearly invisible braces of modern orthodontics. KU64 uses only certified and compatible materials and warranties. Here, patients benefit from short distances, improved coordination among colleagues and the latest high-tech equipment. The on-site dental laboratory, with many years of experience in bio-compatible materials, manufacturing equipment of the highest quality.