Obesity Society

Obesity is a disease that feeds on several factors and introduce the person in a vicious circle that can not escape easily. In addition to genetic and metabolic factors, we also add characteristics of the person, lifestyles and behaviors learned in the family. We also add characteristics of the person, lifestyles and behaviors learned in the family. But society is reflected in a contradictory message. On the one hand, it promotes a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy life and junk food, factors that have made obesity a global epidemic from an increasingly early age.

Before I make this situation, surface values are required, like beauty and the perfect body, which seem to take precedence over the suitability, honesty and talent. With this vision as apocalyptic, the patient feels unable to cope with their condition and expect a magic solution to save him from the depressing situation in which he lives, hopes the change will make the others for him. The company supplies the disorder while it condemns the patient and himself took refuge in the non-acceptance of others to continue sinking into his illness. As weight increases, other symptoms start to appear dangerous, such as social isolation, lack of self-esteem, apathy, dependency. inducing a person to resignation and denial of his state. The patient is not aware of his situation is not accepted and do not consider it necessary to change something, well protected from the harm of being and knowing ill. Change the image that society has of the obese person and his condition is not a task from an overnight. We need a deep awareness campaign to make people understand that we face a global epidemic that affects one billion people and has placed as one of the most common ailments.

However, You, of his little place you can start with that. Become an active, useful, entrepreneurship is the best way to demonstrate that the disease does not influence their abilities. Tell your friends and family, keep moving and start to fight. In this singular way, is doing much for you and help your neighbors. When you start to lose weight, do not lower your arms. Not? Leaving? their obese peers, is simply regaining their lives and may continue to fight for much longer. Bariatric surgery or Obesity has proven to be one of the best alternatives in the fight against obesity, if you want to know the options for obesity surgery offers visit our website at Regards, Hector Bernal