Online Game World

The success of the game due to the fact that the authors first thought about you. Nick does not have to be bored, unnecessarily company holds regular events in the game, and beyond. And of course increases the virtual world For example, first sdes had two islands and Kalimdor Eastern koralevstvo, so after the additions have appeared two new world-Outland and Northrend. But that's not all. In December, went on sale the latest update Cataclysm, koordinalno that changed the world game. A related site: PCRM mentions similar findings. Now, in place of the desert grow thick woods and fields, natural katoklizm changed appearance, which means that now the good old location can be viewed through different eyes. And so let's now analyze in detail all the changes that touches the universe.

During the battle of the local population with a mighty army of the king Lynch woke up in the dungeon the most powerful evil which dot that no one knew. Death wings is one of a kind dragon keepers in his time in charge of the land was rightfully the most powerful among his relatives. He's like no one else loved the world, and always defended his people. But one day he fell mind and wanted to limitless power. And so began the war against the relatives of dragons.

Tricked by he made powerful guardians to create for him an army of winged serpents. And so it came a new breed of twilight Dragons who brought all the grief, death and destruction. Inhabitants of online games together in the face not justice, and put a lot of losses and the efforts they were able to overcome the Deathwing. But having licked their wounds, the lord recovered and is aiming to take over the world. So that all who are not indifferent ahead!