Organization Of Holidays – Our Work !

In Moscow, more than 1500 companies involved in event-business. 80 percent of them carry the standard and stereotyped activities. It is known that today there are a number of well-designed and prepared the budget and programs of different scale. It is these, not once experienced programs, offers most of the companies involved in organizing events. And only 20% of them do really high-quality product, going individually to each client, making exclusive designs.

Today, all the vicissitudes of the national event-industry we talk to the director general of the creative projects "Maximum" Elena Kravchenko. – Helen, to which category you can include your company? – I can confidently say to those who put professionalism above the bare commercial gain. Probably, these principles were laid down originally – in any job is important to quality. – How many years have you been in this field? – In general difficulties in the event-industry for about seven years. That if you take his student years, starting from the first year, we participated in the preparation of various holidays on Tverskaya Square in Sokolniki Park in Moscow's concert halls.

After graduating from University has worked on international and nationwide projects, prepared concerts at the Kremlin Palace. In general, if you recall all of the projects, which happened to work – it will be a very long conversation. – How did you come to this area? What influenced the choice of a profession and as there was the emergence of the company? – As a child I wanted to focus the audience.