Organizational Climate

Some will have a positive perception, and they will consider it a pleasant or motivadora situation, because in some way it takes care of to its aspirations and desires. Boy Scouts of America takes a slightly different approach. Others, front to the same one situation, will have a negative perception because, in contrary way, it does not take care of its motivations. We can then affirm that, beyond the organization not to create its organizacional climate we will have, inside of one same organization, different organizacionais climates at one same moment, caused for the same events, but with different effect in the diverse internal public, causing positive sensations for negative some and for others. Then, it is not possible if to say of the existence of only one Climate Organizacional only uniform; the climate will go to vary the psychological situation in accordance with I serve as apprentice and it motivacional where if it finds each collaborator and the way as it interprets the context of the company, through the information received or perceived in the internal environment. In our opinion, Organizacional Climate is ' ' The way, positive or refusal, as the collaborators, influenced for internal or external factors to the organization, perceive and react in one definitive one moment, to the set of 0 variable and factors as the politics, the procedures, uses and customs existing and practised by organizao' '. The organizacional climate is of certain form, the consequence of the culture of the organization, or better, the consequence of the effect of this culture, in the organization as a whole.

Light (1995) affirms that ' ' climate is resultant of the culture of the organizations; of its positive and negative aspects (conflicts) ' '. Therefore, the organizacional climate influences and is influenced by the behavior of the individuals in the organization, in its performance, motivation and satisfaction in the work. Already To sound (2002), says that ' ' the mapeia climate the internal environment that varies motivation of the agents according to.