Party Manifesto

Herculano one of the leaders of the movement was reached in the coasts, come to falecer moments later, but not before asking for to it that it continued the assembly. The souvenirs and description of the occurrence are so strong that the reader creates an image of war in the memory, soldiers shooting against a multitude armed only with the voice, dreams and red flags. The cavalry takes account of the square and Pagu is imprisoned. It alleges that much of what it said itself on its participation was for if dealing with a Communist with bourgeois small origin that, to to be imprisoned, transformed everything into a fact that it needed to be explored. But the description of its ad-lib speech, speaking of the soul, of the things that it really believed and felt, makes the reader to create in the memory each as of that moment of passion, ideology and suffering. I exaggerate it in the spreading of its participation, made with that the organization of the party circulated a manifesto accenting ' ' the clutter provoked for me, that I had said without knowledge or authorization of the organization, with provoking intention, etc.' ' (p 91).

Exactly being deliberately humiliated, it approves the manifesto, therefore it was made use to fulfill with all the determination of the party, believes that this in case that, its name appeared more than of the organization. Exactly in the arrest, where the suffering was intense, it says that pain is supplanted for the proportionate joy for the fight. The only torment was not to have notice of the friends. Its envolvement with the party goes being described of fast form, as if the experience of those days still was present each word. Its arrests, the first impressions on the doctrine of the party, the end of its personal life, the traps of the policy.