Peace Service

Professionals support civic engagement for peace Cologne, November 25, 2008 since 1999 the Association for development aid (AGEH) provides qualified personnel for the civil peace service (CFS). Almost 10 years ago, the program was established by the Federal Government to strengthen civic engagement in creating peaceful societies in the crisis areas of the world. The basic idea: It is not enough to combat the symptoms. The structures that produce violence and destruction, must be changed from the inside. Goal is nonviolent and constructive editing conflicts and preventing their violent sweep.

We are now 50 years globally in development cooperation. Thanks to our experience and we can estimate a good partner networks on the ground, where the peace work can be supported by peace experts from partner organizations\”, explains AGEH CEO Michael Steeb. Us it is important, from to see the perspective of the partner. It applies to promote that peace and reconciliation processes in their societies by the parties themselves are worn and can grow their existing approaches. The Federal Ministry for economic cooperation and development (BMZ) granted the projects so identified, the AGEH starts with the search and selection of suitable personnel.

In addition to a degree on a Projektrelevanten field, several years experience and additional qualifications for a job in the area of peacebuilding, the applicants and applicants must bring an active understanding of Christian values to include solidarity, mutual respect, and kindness. In the framework of the qualification and preparation the AGEH developed for use by each an individual training plan with training formats that correspond to their personal profile and the requirements of the project to include courses, training, internships, lectures and internships applications the CFS are conflict regions in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Peace experts support the partner organisations among others in their work to reintegrate people who have been persecuted and expelled by civil wars and other violent conflicts as well as psycho-social measures and trauma work with population groups which are particularly affected by violence.