Physicians Recognition

– You have to motivate, inform and educate the public on voluntary donations, generous, supportive, free donation to offset the increasing COMPENSATED (one that charges you by a court) and even more Professional Grant (one that gets bodies at the expense of your life), you have to undertake a national campaign and should be driven by the President of the Republic, as Fox did for years in Mexico and Gonzales in Spain. 2.-must be given better budget Transplant Units and related medical services in both health is so they can serve and meet the growing demand for care that exist in the country. 3.-Close You have to clandestine clinics that exist in Trujillo, Lima and other cities to cut the chain logistics to the Mafia, as it did Evo Morales in Bolivia with the reported clinical Dr. Peinado, engaging in illegal organ transplants. 4 .- Make public awards and distinctions teams Transplant Physicians, to motivate and engage with society and patients, their successes are anonymous and prowess as well, for us human beings and even more for the Physicians Recognition is a motivating factor that fuels our esteem and immunizes us from succumbing to the temptations of gangs that plague not only the issue of clandestine Transplantation and Organ Trafficking, but the subject of Professional Abortion, false certificates, and other bambas Diagnostics. Hopefully these facts, make timely decisions and whose responsibility is not just a journalistic fact is crushed until it is exhausted the interest of the people and then later, thousands of Peruvians who are dying for lack of transplant organs and stay with empty hands and their souls are without a body..