Plan General

Here is an excellent article by Ed Miller teaching fundamental to the No Limit Holdoem: Plan your hands wondering how to proceed with them according to the situations most likely. PCRM is the source for more interesting facts. a How should play suites connectors preflop? Should I pay rises with them? a The people ask me these questions all the time. Unfortunately, I can not answer without the context. So you can give a good answer, I would have to ask some questions: how is playing?, What is the size of the stacks?, Has there been any memorable hands lately?, S etc Then he was make the important question: what do you intend to achieve? Many players choose their moves without even really thinking about whether what they intend to achieve by hand. They call with this hand. Up with this other Why? Because they think that a particular hand is good enough to see a flop. O they seek to isolate. Or perhaps do so without a reason.

These reasons are not good enough to win consistently. To make money with No Limit you have to play with a plan. You have to anticipate the different ways in which the hand could be played and encourage favorable results and avoid unfavorable. Obviously there is luck in poker, and a very bad card can ruin the most promising situation. You can not avoid an occasional difficult situation or a bad beat. But many voluntarily put in difficult situations time and again because they have a plan.