Portfolio Of Services

terarisza-consultants CORPORATE IDENTITY terarisza.consultores Ltda is a professional services firm that provides consultancy, advisory, tax inspection, Audit and Tax, we have an excellent group of certified professionals in technical standards sales jobs job skills and part time extensive experience and track record in the sector in order to provide added value to our customers. MISSION Our reason for being is given to provide counseling services, consulting and advice in areas accounting, financial, tax and assurance of the quality of information for the benefit of our customers, always using the appropriate technology to meet staff the demanding needs of market values and strengthen our established strong ties to ensure the success human resources and projection of the organizations that trust us their information management. VISION consultants Be in 2015 consulting organization more competitive in the industry, to lead the Colombian market, making for our customers to be part of your organization, committed to their development and providing business management with alternative social projection. Principles, job search values and commitments of the Organization ethical behavior from agency our organization is based on the following principles, values and commitments: PRINCIPLES Professional Competent professional freedom with responsibility Moral Integrity human part time jobs dignity VALUES Respect Commitment to Free Thought Society Assertive Communication Autonomy and Transparency COMMITMENTS critical attitude Discipline, dedication and loyalty Honesty Quality management standards and knowledge current leadership OUR SERVICES Consulting Services: Applies to those professional services, which involve the independent public accountant in exercise to formulate a solution to a Problematical, for whose services, you are rewarded with payment for professional services or a contract for professional services. It delivers report on the consultation. Asesoria Advisory Services Ltd. terarisza.consultores jobs in consist primarily provide management jobs advice to entrepreneurs in the implementation of methodologies and business strategies as well as the management and administration of financial information including risk analysis, program design for evaluate the different areas and the definition of operational and organizational models more efficient, among others.  CEO and Corporate Director Recruiter is a member of: American Arbitration Assn. General agencies Accounting and Bookkeeping This service includes the processing of accounting information and preparation of monthly financial statements for the current month and year.