Positive Children

Solving the situation in the past at the expense of cleaning the negatives, forgiveness, and the withdrawal of claims, to neutralize the negative programs (such as revenge for pain, or programs not have children) and create new positive programs, the pair became clearer relationship to the present, they can get rid of illusions and false attraction and independently make the correct decision. In the intense karmic relationship is important to seek to understand the meaning of relationships, but the basic rule is the desire to build them on the positive. As a rule, the unconscious presence in the field of grievances and complaints from the past create the background for the new offenses and dissatisfaction. As a result, instead of the positive interaction people accumulate resentments and grievances – thus acts a vicious circle from which it is difficult to choose. In this example, positive relationships without elaboration is extremely difficult to build because they lack the harmonic (no spiritual affinity or sexual compatibility) – that cement which is needed to build a lasting foundation. It is therefore recommended that they be moved to the area of friendly interaction, where they can build on the positive.

Very often because of the diverse and conflicting aspects of difficult to sort out their feelings. And if a parent families have a negative experience and negative model, it is extremely difficult not to become hostage to the fear of being alone. Let me give another example, when the advice in "Love, family, children" to me asked 40-year-old woman, a family experience which more than 12 years and who has two children.