Possibility Risk

If you have time and desire to sort things out yourself, go ahead! Consider a simple investment plan. It will consist of only one goal – to create a certain amount for a certain period. It does not matter how you then ordered the creation of sum. The main thing – to create. And make our capital we invest with – with every ruble earned will be set aside and invest 10 cents. And you can, and 20 kopecks. And someone will be able to, and 50 kopecks.

Decide based on your capabilities. Next, decide how much risk you are willing to go to increase their savings. Someone trusts only banks, but someone is willing to go and trade on the forex. Accordingly, the first will receive a small but guaranteed returns for minimal risk, and the second – with a little likely to get significant gains, but are most likely to lose all their money. And so with each financial instrument.

There is risk and there is profitability. The greater the risk, the higher income is able to bring an instrument. But the biggest risk of waiting for you if you do not know where to invest. None experienced investor does not invest money in what he is not completely figured out. I will not elaborate consider these or other tools. Leave open the possibility to look into this for you. I just want to summarize them all. Thus, tools are: 1.Agressivnye (risk – high). Return on average – 15-20% per annum.