Presidential Administration

In this case, social networking format of questions and answers (Q & A) is well suited. Twitter is going to popularize among federal officials for use of fashion, like the one that was several years ago, when state employees en masse wound up their personal blogs. A Kremlin source said that such an action is connected with the forthcoming adoption of law about the Internet, which would impose censorship on the content elements on the web. The reason for the such a drastic step was the publication of an interview with the owner of a fake account (Perzident Roissi) in the federal press (magazine "Russian Newsweek '), after which the publishing house Axel Springler refused to continue publishing the magazine in Russia. Closure of accounts – a kind of testing of the Internet audience to interference by the authorities. It is likely that all these steps are related to the upcoming 2012 presidential election, for a peaceful conduct of which, Internet should be controlled.

Administration of the service of anonymous questions states that emerged was very surprised to information. The service really matters anonymous accounts are registered under nicknames "Vladimir Mutin ( / mutin) and" King Bear ( / kremlinrussia). They are quite popular among users and never violated the rules of the resource. To date, no official notices and offers of cooperation from Representatives of the Russian state has been reported. Guide service issues anonymous monitoring the current situation. "We absolutely did not expect to mention our project in such a strange context. I myself have accidentally came across this news in one of the LJ blogs and when finished reading the text to the end, I was completely shocked, as all my colleagues.

While none of the Presidential Administration has not called us, so we hope that it was just someone's joke "- says one of the developers Igor Marder. stands for the natural development of the Internet and against censorship on any level. Service anonymous questions does not require its users called real names and calls for maximum comfort and freedom of communication, without the restrictions of the rights and freedoms of citizens. However, is an independent online resource and operates in accordance with appropriate laws. We welcome any new members, as governors and measures, and any others who are interested in our project. Project launched July 16, 2010. Service is the social network format Q & A (Questions & Answers). On this site, users can share any, including anonymous questions. Users to answer questions and thus form a personal home page, which can be compared with a detailed interview, telling a lot about a person's character and the toward him around. This form of communication is interesting as ordinary users, and celebrities who can use the site to work with journalists, as well as a variety of companies that can turn your account to the center to work with clients. Contact: Alexander City