Pretty Rock

Comparing the facts that if have knowledge on the tragic fact of the Pretty Rock and the romances of I water, perceives that the author almost transposes the total fact that for its workmanships, moving only details and the focus. Through the look of determined personages the author counts the history of what it was the fact for the people of the time and region, exploring the repercussion that the tragedy exerted on the life of such personages. Bentinho is the starting point for the beginning of this trip for the hinterland of Pernambuco, for the hinterland of the Pretty Rock. At the beginning of the book Pretty Rock, I water arrests the attention of its readers through a mystery that even stops the personage was unknown: what it happened in the Pretty Rock that caused as much repugnance to the people of the Au? Why Bentinho and its people (or family) was seen as a rock of slip for the development of the region? This questioning in the Bentinho personage, that in its adolescence divided its daily thoughts between its profession of assistant of priest with the certain importance that it brought, and the immense curiosity in knowing regarding its origins was constant to understand the threat constant that it wise person to provoke in the people of the Au, therefore constantly saw itself labelled of ' ' cobra' ' , coming of the nest Pretty Rock. In developing of history the expectation increases, being disclosed the mysteries on what it happened in the Pretty Rock, what the fact was on. In the vision of Bentinho the religiosidade if became something incompreensivo, as it is that the God could be so controversial who it it saw every day, so immovable in the church, so harmless, if to reveal so different and impious, overwheling the life of on people to ' ' enviado' ' d' It.