Professional Paint

When acrylic paint designed for professionals of any method of painting, the rate of mass transfer is likely to be 20-30%, while at the same time, the tech paints supplied by spraying it will be 70-80%. Only one indicator of mass transfer can equalize the price of paint with different cost per kilogram, and such factors are many. Professional Paint – ecology or economy of paint? Comparing the cost of paint with the same performance with organic water based and, to date, evidence for the former. But for detailed examination of the business as a whole and not alone the direct costs of professional paints, water paints is much more profitable. Because of fire and explosion hazard in water-based paints is not present, then all prozvodstvennoe equipment (drying chamber, spray booth, ventilation) can be delivered in an economic performance, but not explosion-proof. Credit: Childrens Defense Fund-2011.

Because while working with water based inks evaporate only the water, then ventilation performance decreases considerably. Significantly reduces the time and cost of matching section on painting in the organs of the technical and environmental supervision, there are no requirements for room fire suppression system. Transportation of water or acrylic polyurethane paint does not require special transport is required for the transport of heat-and fire-dangerous goods. Disposal of waste water from professional paint incomparably cheaper than traditional organic dyes. Finished paint colors or tinting the catalog RAL? If the paint work performed under the order and range of coated products in the tens, then the lack of tinting increases investments to ensure an adequate supply of professional paints.

When the possibility of tinting in RAL granted, it should be to establish: whether to use mixing system color paints or tinting pastes, many colored paints and pigments required for tinting color catalog RAL; what effects (metallic, pearl) are available professional manufacturer of paints, whether there is a possibility of manual tinting directory RAL or need to buy expensive equipment. Manufacturers of paint for tinting on the RAL catalog should clearly recommend brand of pigment pastes for paints that produced consistent, the absence of this information will lead to higher costs and professional paints and pigment pastes. Undoubtedly, described only a small part of things, to deal with that need for instant selection of professional paints. But a lack of understanding of the issues described in irreversible economic costs at the time of the simulation.