Ralph Emerson

The secret is the replaced one to everything what was, to everything what is and to everything what will be. Ralph Emerson Everything is possible to commercialize in this World Earth, nothing is wasted, for example, an extremely interesting topic that has activated is the concerning thing with diamonds done of human hair. There is a company us it indicates, that it turns the human hair into diamonds. It is not a metaphor. The process of obtaining of the diamond has been made with high accuracy and it is based on the submission of carbon of the hair to the same conditions that occur in the nature, to a temperature of 1,500 degrees Celsius and one pressure of 45,000 atmospheres. LifeGem Memorials, it is a company that jumped to the fame in 2002 making diamonds of ashes of incinerated humans, now says that it can do them of the human hair, allowing that people do not have to incinerate her loved beings to take them with himself. In order to publicitar this – and to obtain money for charitable works – the company has formed equipment with John Reznikoff, who is about to in Libro Guinness of the Record to have the major and more valuable collection of hair of famous. Reznikoff has given six of its 10 braids of the hair of Beethoven to LifeGem, will use that them in a process to create diamonds among 0,5 and 1 carat of weight.

Greg Herro, delegated advisor of LifeGem, declared, that the diamonds would later begin a trip by museums and operas worldwide during half year while the company tries to catch the attention by its capacity to make diamonds of the hair. It is not necessary to forget, that the carbon, origin of this precious stone, is present in the life animal and vegetable. Also it is part of the human body in a high percentage, in particular, he is one of the main elements that compose the human hair.