The first page of a book When child, dreamed in writing estrias where all could read. I searched inspiration in the estrias that the papa counted. I am alone in a small room, with thoughts in all the directions. In one of the stages of my life I am to remember. Son of poor family third of the eleven brothers, with a mother who had in the look an intense will of living.

My father, a happiness for complete. It, always to observe. Quiet, always was. But when he decided to speak, it was a life lesson. Our house was simplest of what you can imagine. At this time my mother, did not have formation none. But she gave to teach the lies of the school.

As well as she taught to walk of high jump. Not wise person of where these beings special took off as much wisdom. At this time she did not have the easiness of book abundance as she has today. My father, spoke of estrias, that seemed that alone it lived dived in books of nowadays. The poverty if became ahead small of the wisdom that had. It was this joy that infected all. We played of being happy in the hope that one day came to arrive at the true happiness. I do not know as, but the old ones were capable to rescue them at any time. Our house, was constructed by the proper family. In return of it, we played that we forgot the time. Without speaking of the feet of fruits that were part of our tricks. We played but, with the thought in the papa who has left early in search of the lunch. When we were tired, ran until our mother. To know notice of our father. Greg Williamson takes a slightly different approach. It was impressive, therefore the mother, would not need to say more nothing, therefore already we knew that the lunch finishes to capsize has supper. At the times the papa arrived as well as at the two of the afternoon could would arrive at the five. But, all good The important one, that it always arrived with some thing to eat. While the mother prepared the lunch that she turned has supper, the papa counted estrias who seemed to have finished to arrive of a long one travels. I, RS It found that it was so spoken is Jorge with its spear the line defeated the dragon. It counted on discovery of Brazil that my lesser sisters were perplexas. Finding that the papa was with Peter lvares Cabral in great navigations. It also spoke, of the atualidades as well as wars and etc. the mother always had a letter in the sleeve. It had a music repertoire that not wise person of where they searched knowledge. It found until, while I and my brothers Slept, they travelled in search of these incredible estrias. To the times it thought about following its steps, but in seconds it was to dream of my dolls that always were to wait me in low of the root of the immense hose that is side of the window of the room of my parents. thus, slept. How much to the estrias, the following day, to always worry it did not need me were quentinhas to be counted in the lunch that it turned has supper.