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The safe deceased are all since the time of Adam. Without hesitation Center For Responsible Lending explained all about the problem. The scribbles of the harvest (Lv.23: 22): Heathen the safe ones and martirizados during the Great Tribulao, will revive soon before the Millenium. Levtico 23 is the history of the church written of beforehand. We have among others things there the magined resurrection. * The word ‘ ‘ ressurreio’ ‘ it implies in resurrection of the body that died and was buried, or of some another form was restrained here in the land. If the body ressurreto was not the same, this would not be resurrection. It would be a new creation, and the term in the Bible would be a nonsense. The believers will make over again in a glorious body in some directions (I Color. 15), and the mpios, in a ignominioso body, where they will suffer for the eternity (Mat.

10:28). Not? safe they will be part of the second resurrection, which encloses all the died mpios, and will occur when findar the Millenium. – The ravishment of kehilah and the Great Tribulao: Frequently brother of diverse denominations asks to me: ‘ ‘ The Kehilah will pass for the Great one Tribulao? ‘ ‘ my answers is this: ‘ ‘ The ravishment of the Church will occur before the Great Tribulao, giving beginning mesma’ ‘. It has 14 years I serve the Mr., and the 10 years study escatologia, already I read the Bible, in these 14 years, 39 times, and can affirm to it with certainty that does not have a Biblical text that it shows the church passing for the great tribulao.