Really Simple Syndication

I recently did an interview with a known email Internet Marketer. I wanted to share with his readers a viewpoint on what RSS is from someone who is using it instead of traditional email marketing. Of course, this interview was geared towards Internet marketers so that all somehow “get” what RSS is, at least in theory. To read more click here: CBC, Australia. So, What is RSS? Once again, I am laughing, as I did in that interview because I’m pretty new to this RSS myself. RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. Well, at least that’s one definition and tend to use.

Many people have heard the word thrown around to organizing in other parts of the media, but not when it comes to the Internet until recently. Although RSS has been around for quite some time, which ultimately is in the mainstream like a snowball rolling downhill and gaining increasing momentum. Why? And really, what is RSS? First, everyone who uses the Internet, whether in business, personal, or both, have come into contact with spam, viruses, spam laws, and heard much about him in the media.

All this mess has been extremely frustrating for those who earn their living through the Internet, especially by direct methods of email marketing. A lot of “solutions” have been tried and are being implemented to try to combat the growing frustration and discomfort associated with the delivery of email newsletters to subscribers. This is where the “why” comes into play with RSS. Before I tell you what RSS is, let me explain a little about marketing email newsletter.