Rental Pallets

Note that the appearance of the pool is not connected with the desires other participants and their formation is as follows. Initially, some organization produces or buys pallets, organizing offices, repair, sorting and delivery of pallets, ie, invest in yourself its creation. When you contact the manufacturer of products for the acquisition cost of pallet will consist of: The cost of transport pallets; Fee for pallet manufacturer; Rental price (rubles per day); Repair broken pallets. The total cost is usually different from the cost of pallets in co-op on the value of administrative expenses. This is the main difference between these organizations, as here the company is not buy for themselves pallets, and takes them out.

But this distinction does not end there. Over time, pallet associations have sought to expand the boundaries of service, as production on these pallets moved not only within one city or region, but beyond a single country. After all, cooperation is not confined to the industry. A striking example in this case can act CHEP. This organization, realizing the problem, attempted to organize branches for receiving pallets. It should be noted that today she has a well developed structure, which includes 500 offices for acceptance of leased pallets in 42 countries.

How does the CHEP? Producer rents pallets, loads them and begins to move goods on the supply chain, at the end of which pallets are released and delivered to the nearest CHEP in your region or country. System pallet pallet rental examined associations have in the case of permanent cooperation between enterprises. If pallets are required for one-time use, you can use the conventional system rental pallets. Analysis of foreign proposals shows that the cost of leased pallet will consist of the following components: collateral value; cost of renting pallets; transport pallets to the destination. So , the manufacturer takes the pallets out, and when they return, it gets back to collateral value and pays the repair of broken pallets. From the analysis of the Moscow market of wooden pallets you can meet in Report Academy Conjuncture industrial markets "Turnover of wooden pallets in the Moscow region."