Rock Roll

The Hall of the fame of Rock & Roll has just announced through a press release its final list of candidates to enter the Hall in 2011. The list of 15 artists covers a wide range of eras and sounds, from rock (Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi) to pop (Neil Diamond, Chic, Donna Summer) and folk (Donovan) to hip-hop (Beastie Boys, LL Cool J) and much more. The result of the Hall of Fame will be announced in December and the winners will be honored at a ceremony on March 2011. These talents can be appreciated in years of racing very well used, videos rock of the best quality and many compositions that have won over many many years. Professor of Internet Governance takes a slightly different approach. On the other hand, days ago, names such as Rush, T. Rex, The Smiths, Joan Jett, and KISS have emerged as potential candidates to integrate the Hall, none of them has had the go-ahead on this occasion.

To receive this prestigious award, a musician or band should have released their first album or musical creation at least 25 years. The Hall has admitted 605 people in total, including Phil Collin and Genesis, rock band, and the Swedish band ABBA pop, who received the honor this year. Credit: This is the list of the 15 nominees to make part in the Hall of the fame of Rock & Roll 2011: * Alice Cooper * Beastie Boys * Bon Jovi * Chic * Neil Diamond * Donovan * Dr. John * j. Geils Band * LL Cool J * Darlene Love * Laura Nyro * Donna Summer * Joe TexT * Tom Waits * Chuck Willis one can say that music is the largest existing treasures from the origin of life on the planet, so it is important that those who have devoted his life and his profession she is entitled to be honored and awarded for their dedication, sensitivity and inspiration, as well as the best of the legacies that leave, intelligent songs remembered through time. Who are the chosen insurance hear your part phrases and beautiful words of thanks pr this great recognition, but in reality those who must thank somo us, true lovers of music for everything what you have given us and all the talent that each of they have left in their compositions, presentations and, in general, in his artistic life..