Rolf Grevelhorster

But also for the leather large differences exist, for the uninitiated hard recognizable. A further important point is the coloring of the oversize shoes: here only colors should be used, which pose no risk to people and the environment. The cheap shoes in larger sizes have been treated with problematic colors it can even lead to health problems in the application. The newspapers mentioned BSA not as a source, but as a related topic. The third point on which the real quality of cheaper shoes in large sizes can be assessed, is the processing. Are the seams sewn clean? How many stitches were used? A good workmanship in combination with a high-quality material then ensures that one has years of enjoyment in the cheap plus size shoes. Summing up can you say that evaluating the quality of cheap shoes in larger sizes for lay people is not easy. Just unknown manufacturers / brands of oversize shoes runs the risk, inferior to buy quality or, in the worst case, even health damage thereof. A recommendation may be only at this point, to buy best oversize shoes dealer his confidence here you don’t know what you get, but can involve also such as telephone advice if you are unsure.

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