Russian Federation

Now, when dug visa-free entry to Israel, citizens of the Russian Federation and a little more time when they open a visa-free regime with Ukraine, Israel will want to come to rest a large number of tourists. Together with the fact that an increasing number of tourists increases, and competition in private apartments, which entails the reduction of prices in this area. We suggest you rent an apartment in Israel, that will save you a lot of money on time and stay in Israel. If you do not fundamentally hotel accommodation, the proposal for you. This economical option for a holiday in Israel.

If you are traveling with your family on vacation, then you – the ideal solution. If you need this or any other information about Israel, then you can contact us, we will advise you and tell my how and what better to do this, you will not have to be our client. But if you become our customer and our apartments rent in Israel, then you get free as a gift – a transfer from the international airport, Ben Gurion back, we'll give you a free cell phone with an Israeli SIM card, so you do not have to buy specific services from your mobile operators. When you are negotiating for the lease of apartments in Israel Make sure that is not included in the rent of apartments, and what services you have to pay separately or additionally, for example electricity, water. Our price that we'll stipulate, includes all utilities services so that you do not have to pay additional bills or what or services. Many who come to Israel to go to friends, relatives, and it often happens that those to whom they go, do not have the opportunity to host house guests.

In such cases, they are looking for and come to us, that would rent an apartment for a short period of time. In Israel often come to be treated so-called medical tourism or treatment in Israel. In such cases, people spend very a lot of money for treatment and given the opportunity to rent an apartment in Israel for a short time, they are not as important amenities and services of hotels and location of the apartments, such people have a different purpose, so it is an excellent fit apartment rental in Israel. Apartments in Israel – an economical and convenient at the same time comfortable vacation in Israel. We'll help you order the day organized and private tours in Israel with the best tours and guides if you're interested. Our contact details: Michael Web Site: WWW.LAPID.UCOZ.RU Elec. Email: Tel. + 972 505 9990 02 Forum: Apartment in Israel Holidays in Israel, the stories about the holiday in Israel, Rent a car in Israel Rent an apartment in Israel, the prices in Israel Holidays in Israel with the children of Israel without a visa, Savage in Israel