San Sebastian People

Sun camp is serving to bring together different groups and citizens who want to make public their demands, such as the dnsores of the animals or volunteers from the village of Canada Real Galiana. In the meantime, the Commission proposal still collecting ideas of citizens, the majority of political, economic and social nature that are then discussed in the assemblies. Through speakers are reported continuously that the tents must be removed during the day, as agreed in Assembly, must not exceed the sidewalk to not hinder the movement and let a wide corridor between the stores and shops. A spokeswoman for concentrates has explained that they have doubts about whether followed or not, that is what today is is probing and what will be discussed Sunday at an Assembly for which there is not a defined time. He acknowledged that fatigue is making a dent, but people asked who remain and are aware of that are a popular synergy managers, something very nice what can not talk. One of the members of the Commission’s power has reported that they continue to receive food, which encourages them to continue, and has ensured that while there is so much food, here nobody not moves. Several of the traders of the Puerta del Sol have influenced that camping is causing them losses. Success of assistance as they reported those present at these popular in the Twitter network assemblies, this Saturday at noon in Arganzuela gathered close to 1,200 people and in the Chamberi, about 400.

One of the spokesmen for the 15-M movement present in Alcorcon has told more complicated in this Assembly, which brought together some 200 people around the Town Hall square is becoming the consensus and Word shifts between the present. Personally, this spokesperson considers Sun camping should be maintained until there is a structure of neighborhoods strong which can take this forward, said. And adds: we’ll not go Sol without a solid base, because if not we will lose a lot. Another spokesman of the Sun camp indicated that the Assembly of Vallecas is becoming of the most multitudinous. People has been preparing since this Friday there, says.

As they reported from the official Twitter of the camp of Sun, heat is being the protagonist, next to a great reception, of the Joint Assembly in Alcobendas and San Sebastian de los Reyes, celebrated in the Plaza de Alcobendas, opposite the Town Hall. Once finalized the popular assemblies of the neighborhoods, from the website reported the success of the meetings, whose assistants are counted in the thousands, having been surpassed in several neighborhoods thousand people, indicate. The decision to lift the acamapada in Sun this Sunday, when all the assemblies gather at the gate of the Sun to build the Assembly of the people of Madrid will be known. This mode will give voice to the more better people, since they believe that the door of the Sun is not representative of all Madrid citizens. Source of the news: the popular assemblies debated the future of the 15-M movement