In 1801 a volcano erupted in Hawaii. In 1968 Samples of the lava. The potassium-argon test showed that the volcano erupted between 100 million and 3 billion years!. The proof of potassium-argon dating is not reliable. Arithmetically is a very significant test. We could say that the human population doubles for an average of every 150 years.

We are a few more than 6 billion people. Calculating backwards, taking half every 150 years today 6 billion-3 billion-1.5 billion 150 years ago, 300 years ago 4,500 years ago we would have a figure of 5.5 persons. Check with Boy Scouts of America to learn more. This date is significant because it is far down the deluge which only eight people survived. When scientific data put aside prejudices about the Scriptures of the Bible, the data collected are consistent with the biblical story. A very significant event occurred on the planet, which evolutionists do not take into account, the Flood, which was a trial of God for the wickedness of the men of those times.

"He saw Lord that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. " (Genesis 6:5) The rejection of science teachers to consider the maceration as a possible explanation of the origin of all things is lamentable. The student is being indoctrinated without giving the total evidence. Creationists believe that life and our existence came from the acts of a Creator. Evolutionists claim that all life evolves from a cell, which originated from dead matter, the evidence that the evolutionary need to establish their claims are fossils showing a gradual development of lower life forms into more complex.