Serial Production Of MOST150

Latest MOST technology ready the MOST cooperation to implement – the organization that standardizes the leading multimedia network for the automotive sector MOST (media oriented systems transport) – is pleased to announce that to the latest specification Rev. 3.0 is in the implementation. Various vehicle manufacturers are with first production projects already in the implementation phase of the latest MOST technology. MOST150 provides a higher bandwidth of 150 MBit / s, an isochronous transport mechanism to support complex video applications as well as an embedded Ethernet channel for the efficient transmission of IP packets. To read more click here: PCRM. The latest generation of the MOST technology boasts the enormous increase in the speed and remarkable progress in cost effectiveness. The new integrated architecture INIC (intelligent network interface controller) specification Rev. 3.0 extends the audio/video functionality for future automotive Infotainment devices such as head-units, rear-seat entertainment systems, digital sound amplifier, TV-tuner and Video displays. Supplier implementation of MOST150 support while first automotive manufacturer network in selected vehicles from 2011 planning the usage of the MOST150, concentrate the suppliers of equipment, tools and software solutions already on the optimization of MOST150 product portfolio, to facilitate the implementation in future vehicle models.

Primary objectives are in cost efficiency, low energy consumption and compliance with the MOST compliance requirements. Today solutions and tools are provided corresponding MOST, to enable a successful Infotainment implementation on OEM and supplier level. This integrated signal routing and improved energy management are important prerequisites for a successful development of MOST systems. About the MOST cooperation the MOST cooperation is the organization that standardizes the MOST technology and further developed, so that she continue to always meet the latest industry standards. 2009, the cooperation includes 16 international carmakers and over 65 Main suppliers. The Member companies have teamed up, to use the MOST technology and to contribute to its innovation. Initially designed for the transmission of Infotainment data in vehicles, widens the field of application of the network now also on the consumer electronics.

The target of the MOST cooperation is to develop the technology for other industries, to standardize and to create the appropriate infrastructure. The MOST cooperation was founded in 1998 to standardize MOST technology as the global standard for multi media networks. The MOST cooperation form the Steering Committee as a so-called partner Audi, BMW, Daimler, Harman/Becker and SMSC.