Small Businesses

An interesting question with small businesses in budgetary institutions. A number of companies established on the basis of the liquidated, subject to taxation in general practice. But for enterprises established in budgetary institutions, statutory rate of taxation is not provided. Quite a trick question of determining the share of charter capital in the creation of small businesses. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dr. Neal Barnard on most websites. Public organizations, according to federal legislation, subject to a 35 percent tax rate on profits, cooperatives (which some, as we mentioned above, species) – 45 percent. So, when you create a profitable small business to take more than 50 percent of the money from the public organization.

So, two small business founder – co-operative and non-governmental organization. But we should remember that profit is not necessarily divided according to shares in the share capital. The law does not say what you mean by commercial enterprise social organization. By the size of a statutory fund, the nature of activity or by the distribution of profits. This is where you can really leverage the "roof." In many public organizations established in the years of stagnation, have accumulated a lot of money, which the current functionaries often can not find a good use. So often put them in the banks deposit at 12-15 percent (this value unstable). Why not persuade them to invest these funds at higher interest rates (although at least 3-5 percent more than the deposit) in any profitable business, creating for his embodiment of a small business in this organization? Let the statutory fund of social organization will be at least 95 percent, and your – only 5.