SMEs Changes

Someday anywhere, anywhere will inevitably find yourself and this, only that one, might be the happiest or the most bitter your hours Pablo Neruda enterprises at present require proactive managers, very creative, able to give way to the transformations that are derived from a scenario such as the turbulent Venezuelarisky, contaminated uncertainties in order to ensure not only the survival of the companies under his responsibility, but achieve necessary to compete with each other operability. According to our investigations, inquiries about the reality of management. with regard to their creativity, has been found, which are many managers, who are said to be leaders management, who have not used for anything your creativity, neglecting their potential and affecting enterprises under their charge to generate changes, actions necessary to ensure productivity, competition. There are several factors that help explain this reality, among them: lack of training, development and utilization of modern managerial skills that help to plan and generate actions that collaborate with the achievement of the objectives. To this is added, the lack of creativity that’s step programs, strategies, actions that address the challenges, changes, with the correct use of the creative, coupled with power to others with the collaboration of a human resource well trained, committed to achievements that benefit all. The absence of organizational culture that ensures a good organizational performance, productivity, efficiency, results which will give opportunity to the companies take advantage of new openings that are manifested through the Government’s actions.

Little integration of the universities with the corporate sector, which promotes the training, training of the professional of the Administration that the present demand. Integrating that step to the design of a new Administrator profile according to the requirements of the current scenario. A dynamic creative on the part of management that is capable of generating the changes, transformations resulting from the actions of the current Government is required that has that has been declared Socialist, leading to ensure SMEs, a behavior that reflects an optimal organizational climate.