Steve Alpizar

There is a world with huge mysteries, many of them may be brewing at the corner of his house, but to be part of these new experiences it is necessary that your mind is open to receive them, what might these new experiences? They exist virtually endless possibilities, perhaps we want deep knowledge about the functioning of the life: creation, the illusion of time, levitation, the power of healing, the teleport, etc. All these things exist and it has a Foundation, skeptics can not see them because you simply have their doors closed to those ideas. On the other hand also may want other more tangible objectives such as: lose weight, achieve financial independence, attract your ideal partner, achieve a balanced lifestyle, etc. For all this there is a large amount of information available, but there is something deeper in what we observe materially and is that everything is due to data or information in our subconscious mind, no doubt that the actions are great, but it will be totally effective if we know how to internalize them, in the book by changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar demonstrates this process, by reading this book you will have absolute clarity how an idea of change has been programmed, you can be based on any desire, the most important thing is to know the way in power in a general way what works, then you may achieve your goals no matter how big or small, this information will help you defeat all limiting beliefs. The global universe can give you endless possibilities to your sensory experience, but should be clear that the ideas will flow in your life where you are ready to receive them, otherwise these ideas do not crystallize or when they reach become a problem because people did not have the preparation to handle them properly, the great secret to achieve any goal is to accept new ideas in our interior.