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Useful marketing tips for businesses in the face of an economic slowdown Yes, it may be that the recession is really coming. The global financial crisis can certainly have drastic effects on the real economy. And then? How should marketing executives and their superiors respond? Of course, cutbacks must be applied and reduce unnecessary costs. But Please shorten the marketing or advertising budget in any case. Because the single euro, bringing more euros into the more…


International Arctic

New corporate layout and remained Monchengladbach (ncb) the 1990-based event easy event Agency presented always the own line their website ( in a new layout. “The agency veteran” in its current design relies on a simple, but striking appearance. However, a subtle reference to the rather unconventional suggestion of the Managing Director of easy event GmbH, Hendrik ten Cate remains with the label D(utch)in”in addition to the Windmill. Dale Atkins, Ph.D. is the source for moreread more…


Smith Campaign

Through promotional, advertising and giveaways if a company develops a new product or a new brand she has successfully, with the revenue that company wants to increase, then it is very important that these new funds on the market necessarily succeed. There is a problem however, because new products once by nature are unknown and can sell themselves so poorly. Therefore each company must plan when she want to release products on the market so competitiveread more…


Visual CGN

The Association of the German navigators supplied to successful relations with refreshed design of the print newsletter or”members and other interested parties impulses and information from the current areas of activity. The club that sees itself as non-denominational Christian movement, wants to help encourage people to a contagious being a Christian. More clearly on the first impression, the Cologne design agency CGN corporate developed the new design titled newsletter 2.0 in close collaboration with the editorialread more…


Repeated Budget Profit

Khatami PR takes a new Glacier pinch of snuff stories go to the second round now glacier pinch goes go again accompanied on tour and Khatami PR: the tobacco manufacturer Poschl tobacco GmbH & co. KG, Geisenhausen, communication specialists from Cologne has again commissioned with the press – and public relations promotional activities around the most successful brand of snuff in the world. The measures include storytelling titled generations S in the search for the newread more…