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Geneva Motor Show

Mondeo doors open as expected, not upward, and a rapturous swoon in his contemplation of the fall will not succeed. Probably, Mondeo and must be so – it’s a family car class, not a supercar. Ford appeared in three guises: saloon, hatchback and wagon. Photos of new items have been circulated to warm interest in the model. Previously, they could be seen in our magazine. Read more here: BSA. On engines. They will be nine more…


Motorists Speed Racer

Hello! That's decided to share their not even know how to say bitter, but there is no better experience in the dark! Behind the wheel is not the first year, head-toning respectively the same, it all started with a 35%-ki, then it was light, replace 20% stuck-ka, so too, I have not traveled a long and a short time knit 15%-ka, traveled not , used briefly became almost native, but it's time to change the windshieldread more…


Solutions Independent MotorCar

Every day hundreds of car owners are faced with numerous problems associated with the accident, the passage of Motor-Car and obtaining insurance. Whom it will seem not so big problem, but for someone Motor-Car goes "sideways." Around the Motor-Car There is a lot of myths and disputes that can not be called unreasonable. First, many believe that the passage through the Motor-Car Insurance Company – too expensive (in all senses of the word), and indeed itread more…


Choosing Parts: A Technique Like Precision

The diversity of today enterprises producing and implementing the spare parts are intended to come to our aid as soon as the vehicle crashes. For reliable and flawless operation of machines and mechanisms need, above all, to replace the item in exactly the same as all the technical parameters of a specific model. Masters, a repair of cars, agricultural and construction equipment, often know very well the structure of the machine and the appearance of eachread more…