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Academy Company

"In fact, even very large companies are struggling to make ends meet. I myself at this could not believe "in fact need to raise the prestige of Russian business. We ourselves need to change in relation to business. The Berlin Wall collapsed not due to regulation or diversion, it collapsed because that she was a symbol of the Cold War. People hated the war, and when the pressure on the communist country began to weaken, itread more…


Finance Ministry

And what the Government and adopted now to compensate for the lack of economy of "long money"? – We used kvaziadministrativnye tools – subordinated loans, which serve to support the banking system by the Government and by the Central Bank. The fact that the subordinated debt may be included in additional bank capital, which in turn is part of the index as "the value of equity." Changing this parameter, its value can be the basis forread more…