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Online Pharmacy: Shipping Pharmacies On The Internet

Are Internet pharmacies a blessing or a curse? Earlier, it was still used to make all their purchases in the domestic environment to the people. This included of course medical care and you knew the pharmacist of confidence already for a long time. Today, things have changed with the development of the Internet and the emergence of Internet pharmacies. Many are wondering whether these online pharmacies are rather a blessing or a curse. Clearly, when itread more…


Really Simple Syndication

I recently did an interview with a known email Internet Marketer. I wanted to share with his readers a viewpoint on what RSS is from someone who is using it instead of traditional email marketing. Of course, this interview was geared towards Internet marketers so that all somehow “get” what RSS is, at least in theory. To read more click here: CBC, Australia. So, What is RSS? Once again, I am laughing, as I did inread more…


Plaza Mayor

Pedraza, candlelight evenings since 1993 that created the Villa ground Foundation of Pedraza are being held coinciding with the two first weekends of July the concerts of the candles. In a unique scenario is conbined medieval architecture, classical music and the magic of candlelight. Concerts of classical music, usually of proven quality and with good acoustics are held. But the medieval environment and this village with thousands of candles lighting is which makes that hundreds ofread more…