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Social Security

To find out about organisations in your area that will help consumers solve credit problems and to create a budget, contact the National Foundation for credit consumer at (800) 388-2227. Spanish speakers can call (800) 682-9832. Further information about improving a degree of solvency can be found in how to establish, use, and protect your credit, a booklet by Reserve federal Bank of San Francisco. How long information remains on your credit report with your queryread more…



As would happen today with a story about a political scandal, the population was stirred and began the patriotic movements that could not be easily laminated because soldiers were mutinous. According to Center for Responsible Business, who has experience with these questions. The viceroy Baltasar Hidalgo de Cisneros, that shortly before, (15 July 1809 in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay today) had replaced Santiago de Liniers, rejected for being of French origin and possible ally to theread more…


Mariano Moreno

Patriotic week followed 20 with a meeting where Cisneros and the leaders agreed as he was going to develop the open cabildo demanded by citizens. On May 22 the Assembly defines the viceroy should be deposed. Here is where one of the biggest curiosities, on 23 May, Cisneros manages to remain as the head of the Junta that would handle the wires of the power of the new homeland. 24 An important popular mobilization indignant withread more…