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Free Contribution

To mark Club informed: with a long anticipated letter, the Federal Ministry of Finance made more requirements to the voluntary work allowance. Munich/Planegg, Germany, October 16, 2009, with a long-awaited letter the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) has announced further requirements to the non-profit legal conclusions application of voluntary work exemption no. 26a ITA according to 3. For non-profit organizations the scope that is substantiated again: when volunteer Board members receive lump-sum allowances or attendance fees,read more…


Social Responsibility

BERA GmbH is among the five best socially committed companies Stuttgart: yesterday evening the recruitment agency was awarded for his exemplary commitment in the new Palace. The Caritas of Baden-Wurttemberg and the Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of finance honor volunteers, going beyond the actual business commitment with the middle-class price since 2007 small and medium-sized enterprises. The jury consisting of economic and media pundits compared 37 medium-sized companies in the appropriate category, up to five came in theread more…