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Quality Repair

Would you like to update the situation and make cosmetic repairs to housing? You may need more drastic intervention: redevelopment, a comprehensive overhaul with replacement of plumbing and wiring? Must to repair the apartment in an old house or on the contrary, interested in renovation of apartments in new buildings to make a new home before the house nice and cozy? In any case, you've come to the address by selecting the contractor. Our construction companyread more…


Specialists At A Company

Specialists that come to work in our company, also impressed by the fact that we have no downtime, that the complexity of the objects sold, each time increases. This gives good creative impulse can not relax doing nothing. – What do you, as head of the company, guarantee the quality of the work undertaken? – I must, once again, but this, again, the control system and training employees of the firm. Let me explain what thisread more…


Compile General Contract

In order to construction work at each stage were performed according to the technology and with the right quality and the customer is not any question in the operation of the building, when you make mistakes of design documentation unacceptable. Sometimes in the process of building some of the specific activities may be delegated to a subcontractor company. Read more from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Inread more…



Kordilina Banks. New Zealand homeland. Trunk 1.5 – 3 m tall, thin, straight, sometimes branching viloobrazno. Leaves numerous, linear-lanceolate, up to 1.5 m long and 5-8 cm wide in the middle, above greenish, grayish-green below, with pronounced veins, located at long (15-30 cm) petioles. The flowers are white. Kordilina Haag. Small shrub to 80 cm tall with a thin (about 1 cm) shoots. It occurs in tropical regions of Australia. Leaves oblong-falcate, curved, 10-20 cm longread more…


Ironing Board

How to choose an ironing board? This question is often raised to the buyer. More often than not having full information about this product, the buyer makes a choice based solely on external data ironing board. Our company 'PRIMAHOUSE' is one of the leading manufacturers of ironing boards in Russia and our experts can be rightly regarded as one of the best experts in this matter. So which is better: ironing board on Chipboard or ironingread more…


Italy Mosaic

Thanks to the mosaics are known not only ethical and aesthetic foundations of Roman society (an idea of these bases can be from published sources), but also portraits historic figures, styles of clothing, parts of the chariot and the ship, the appearance of horse breeds and dogs, some information about the habitats of wild animals. In the Roman mosaic masters had a tradition of sign the key actors in important scenes, and often it is forread more…