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AZWV Education

Insofar as so of successful learning process on the one hand has the change of behavior as an external resource to the target, and on the other hand refers to the information processing as internal competence offers municipal education work e. V. with its programme of seminars in special places”the optimal networking of knowledge through creative perspectives and self-organised learning and action. Interested in further education and Fortbildungsverantwortliche for further information about the three mentioned seminarread more…


Young Journalists

According to the motto “by students for students” UNI.DE calls on pupils, students, but also alumni, to tell interesting articles for our monthly topics. The designer shipping SELEXION sponsors for the best posts five times a trendy marble slab “La Dolce Vita” with wall mount in verona Turquoise. Study, careers, internships, semester break, professors,… There are many exciting topics worth reports about that. The best articles are published on the UNI.DE student portal and in theread more…


Walt Disney

How should I deal with my internal critic, how do I objectively and purposefully to develop my ideas and visions, if the voice in the head always complaining? It has shown here that it is possible to link a therapeutic and creative concepts and thereby to enable additional nuances in the counselling and the self-coaching. Often visions are 0 introduction or stifled ideas from us or our environment already in the bud, so that a thoughtread more…