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Czech Republic

Reasons for refusing a visa Consulate Czech Republic is elementary and without much explanation. 56 of the Law on Foreigners in the Czech Republic you can find a few excuses for failure, justified and not justified. Czech Foreign Ministry and its subordinate offices Consulate of Czech Republic in the different countries in all possible ways to restrict the entry of foreigners with the received residence and, in particular on work visas. Czech Republic, a state commissionread more…


Company Representatives

If you want to seriously get into the business, then someday you will be invited to cooperate and his friends, and people you know. In this regard, you should know not only interesting and telling on the history of the company and the possibilities of its formation, but also be able to conclusively demonstrate what the strengths of your organization owns. 1. Originality of products through a network marketing sell their products, which usually has aread more…


Savings Bank

This woman, too, remembers the war. She was then skinny little girl, just under no eighteen, when she and her classmates from morning till night had to work at state farm fields. After the war, in the 1948th, Galina found a job at the chemical plant, where it spent almost all his life. The fact that Galina became a member of the festive campaign, the staff of the bank notified her by mail by sending anread more…