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Urgent Real Estate Register

Sometimes it seems there is no problems at all – he took all the required documents for registration of non-residential property and submitted to the appropriate authorities. However, registration of non-residential property includes a large collection the number of documents, and their number varies according to the particular object. Here there are many moments, they determine the collection of documentation. Must come from the fact whether an object is a separate structure or is part ofread more…


Real Fund

Firms, after all, are different. Place small office, where quiet works strictly limited number of people, of course, will not bring inconvenience. But if the organization’s activities – the tenant involves taking a large number of visitors, the bustle and noise of disgruntled neighbors must be notified to be, and then many unpleasant discussions with the tax authorities and other organizations you provided. The city authorities strictly monitor such violations, since the use of apartments asread more…


Academy Company

"In fact, even very large companies are struggling to make ends meet. I myself at this could not believe "in fact need to raise the prestige of Russian business. We ourselves need to change in relation to business. The Berlin Wall collapsed not due to regulation or diversion, it collapsed because that she was a symbol of the Cold War. People hated the war, and when the pressure on the communist country began to weaken, itread more…