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Ukraine Party

I conducted a tour of the school, I wrote a test, and it fell into the appropriate level of my class. The class turned out to five students from different countries: Spain, Russia, China, Libya, and I'm from Ukraine. We all met and talked about himself, and the English who as he could. Immediately there was a very friendly atmosphere, and we began to 'bite the granite of science' At the first break I met withread more…


American Lesson

So how do you learn English? Just recently I found a solution to this very serious problem. When searching for solutions I've tried to find a way to teach English effectively, easily, quickly, convenient, affordable, with guaranteed results and that it was cheap. I relied on personal experience of teaching in schools and colleges for many years. I established a universal, interactive, The Internet virtual teacher who replaces private tutor and teaches English on the basisread more…


Business Communications

Today, everyone who enters the international market, regardless of its scope, is essential knowledge of business English. According to various language courses, purchase orders, Business English courses language constitute 17-20% of the total number of applicants for study programs abroad. In the arsenal of Russian language schools there are also templates of business language courses for staff at all levels. Courses on business English language courses for office managers and secretaries are taught how to talkread more…


October Work

Without serious preparation successfully pass the exams is not possible. Many educational agencies are promised that their clients will be made serious concessions on the language exam. All data allegations are not true. For admission, as already mentioned above, must pass an annual rate of Czech, as well as special training program for exams. On admission must submit application in the Czech language. The applications should be sure to enclose proof of payment of entrance examinations,read more…