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Mexican Constitution

Change the educational paradigm that has dominated for four centuries it is not simple task, because it is not only form us intellectually and to apply preconceived and mechanical methods, such as recipes whose product would be a standardized dish, but it involves a commitment and an individual process of transformation that will lead us to discover our inner self, what is our essence, to develop our capacity for mindfulness and full presenceour sense of unityread more…


Gallegos Nava Ramon

Without education in spirituality, we have the world we’re seeing: violent, destructive, disintegrated, more instinctive than human, hedonistic, nihilistic, restricted in their vision to what the physical senses can perceive, full of cruelty and deception, imagining that the physical comforts are the end of our existence and that wealth and power mean transcendence, without realizing that they are only cause of annihilation and loss of what gives us sustenance Ifull of varnished ignorance of intellectualism. Manyread more…