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Ensure The Success Of The Practice With Benchmarking In The Long Term

Working documents for qualitative comparison of operating in bookstores available the success of a practice largely quality of patient loyalty and acquisition depends. Patients today much more critical look at medical practices and the quality of their performance than in the past and always more quickly ready for dissatisfaction, to go the doctor, it’s quite substantially, to know the status of own practice management in relation to comparable practice companies. Only with this information, a competitiveread more…


Physicians Recognition

– You have to motivate, inform and educate the public on voluntary donations, generous, supportive, free donation to offset the increasing COMPENSATED (one that charges you by a court) and even more Professional Grant (one that gets bodies at the expense of your life), you have to undertake a national campaign and should be driven by the President of the Republic, as Fox did for years in Mexico and Gonzales in Spain. 2.-must be given betterread more…



What if you or your family have lost teeth due to trauma, because of age, suffer from abnormal abrasion or simply ignored the campaigns to the dentist and have started the situation? Prosthesis carried out when all other means to find a Hollywood smile is no longer used. But if before the installation of prostheses has been a long, laborious and painful, but wearing them – uncomfortable, then the modern technology have greatly improve the more…


Heart Beat

A baby with heart defects is also today – unfortunately – still a medical challenge much has happened in the last 20 years. But the medicine still faces major challenges. Berlin, 10.05.10; May 5 the cardiac children’s day is nationwide. Each year alone in Germany approximately 6,500 children with congenital heart defects come to the world. For parents, this is always a worse shock. But the medical progress was a giant in this area: every fifthread more…


Now Full Program

KU64 offers now also orthodontics on the dental specialists of KU64 their range thanks to the correction of misaligned teeth to a new set of teeth and a beautiful smile with complete modern orthodontics a holistic concept also for back pain and now it is about headache – KU64 completes its range with innovative orthodontics for children, teens and adults. With a holistic treatment approach, the dental specialists on the Kudamm make the new task professionallyread more…