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Enslaved France

Moreover, for aquelespastores that they desired to be lawyers, one excused the three years of studies emetade of the requirements for the doutorado one. Its schools had been extinct and seusfilhos they had been, with the time, baptisms and had received education catholic. Luis XIV was praised pelIgreja, that he said that had reached ' ' an accumulation of immortal louvores for umfeito that the Church would not forget to designate in its anais' '. Betweenread more…


Integral State Brazil

Thus, it points as characteristic marcante in the integralistas the form as if presented in public: always dresses of green shirts with black neckties, from there the reason to be called shirt-greens. They had as symbol the sigma, that in the mathematics is used to carry through the integral calculus, in aluso to the necessity to integrate all the Brazilians. The word of origin tupi-guarani, Anau was used as its form of greeting. Any similarity entersread more…



Philosophical views on life, destiny, human joys and problems of various philosophers have led to the emergence of trends in science, which not only summed theoretical line under these categories, but suggested different patterns of behavior of people in different situations the same. Cynics have become famous in history not so much theoretical dos tizheniyami as extravagant as "worldly philosophy her. Belonged to the school of ancient philosophy. The founder – Antisthenes (ca. 400-ca. 360 BC),read more…


French Equatorial Africa

englandnd owned the island of St. Helena and American islands of Trinidad, Tobago, Jamaica, Bahamas and Bermuda, British Guiana (now Guyana), British Honduras, etc. A number of former British colonies, where the number immigrants from England far exceeded the number of Aboriginal people prevailed, received dominion status within the British Commonwealth with the right of independent international relations. These were Canada, Newfoundland (in 1946, will become part of Canada), South Africa (in 1961 out of theread more…


Rio De Janeiro

After this it is not excessively to show the interdependence of the cities and the people. To show that the people do not live isolated. To make possible that the student perceives the interdependence of the people. together, people create culture and make history. That is, it is the interdependence between the people whom the birth of history propitiates while interpretation of the facts of the memory. Culture and Local History the culture can be anread more…


Gymnasium Maguen David

Here in Brazil also we can perceive the importance daconstituio of these institutions for the foundation of the first school of the deJaneiro River in 1922, then at the beginning of first the great Jewish migratory flow it queaconteceu in years 20. The school if called Maguen David (shield of David), transformed later into Gymnasium Maguen David and, finally in the Brazilian ColgioHebreu, the Tijuca (VELTMAN, 1998). Initially the situation was so complicated, that at’ ‘read more…



introduction for a moment invites the community to a moment of reflection entoado for music, involving a climate of mercy and followed of dither and louvor to the creative God of the world, a glad and expressive way as well as the choir them angels in louvor to the boy Jesus in the manger (Lucas 2:13,14). The corresponding part the liturgy of the composed word for conjuncts and the reading of the epistles of the day,read more…