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Ana Martinez

Lack of a clear communication between the different processes of the companies, mainly marketing and quality management that promotes strategies towards management of marketing that projects based on business plans and aligned with the objectives of the quality. Proper absence of the role of market that will strengthen the concept of sale: kept the old paradigms and structures in supply and demand, and especially in the conceptualization of what is marketing, focusing only on sales andread more…


Three Easy Steps

Many people comes from family with overweight and genetics credited his fatness. The truth is that this is only one of the factors that influence, but inadequate nutrition, poor rest and lack of activity also have great influence. That is why we give you two routines to burn belly fat and get in shape. This workout to burn belly fat combines aerobic exercise with anaerobic, because the first is the best type to burn fat, whileread more…


Unfair Disqualification

Volunteers from the civil society of some NGOs, working for Justice and respect for human rights in their struggle for a more just and more United World, have had to cope with campaigns of disqualification by a supposed danger posed the NGOs for the genuine development of the populations of the South. It should be recalled that the largest number of social volunteers of non-governmental organizations working in countries of sociological North to deal with injusticesread more…


Herodion Hill

With the purpose of there reveal the remnants of the days of Herod, the expedition was forced to first discover a large complex of Byzantine structures (including one Church) an effort that took many years of excavations. The premise of the Tomb included two monumental buildings and a large ritual bath (Mikveh) as well as the long road (350 meters long and 30 meters wide) that was prepared for the funeral. When signs of burial siteread more…



Are you sure you’re ready? Do dating after divorce causes many reactions in your children. One of the reasons of these reactions has to do with how well that you and your former spouse are now. Divorce is a major transition in life, but the dating after divorce they are another thing. It is possible that your children react in an unexpected way to appointments after the divorce. Known and get ready for this, because itread more…


Marco Aldany

Marco Aldany and Be+Cause, have launched a program of promotion and awareness-raising of the population on volunteering under the message: do you have been good this year? With this initiative, the leading chain of hairdressing and aesthetics of Spain, wants to concentrate all its efforts in promoting a society more close and supportive, rewarding the work of all those who dedicate their time, effort and resources on helping the most disadvantaged. This action allows us toread more…


Correction Language

Improprieties in the use of the gerund when the gerund accompanies another verb in verbal forms composed, presents no difficulties: he was eating, they came running, he was walking. But when used only, it presents many difficulties. They are incorrect the following uses of the gerund: 1. the gerund which expresses permanent action i.e.: an old man being fortune-teller told Me. Is incorrect the gerund which expresses permanent action, because it must express action transient, momentaryread more…