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The Concept

In the coming weeks we will have a series of articles that will hopefully serve as many novice writers to beautify the final product which is the e-book they publish, since what is important is the content of the work, the structure of the book, its cover and the order in general that has, since when any of these items fails, many readers choose to not continue reading is very important. An analogy to better understandread more…



Are you sure you’re ready? Do dating after divorce causes many reactions in your children. One of the reasons of these reactions has to do with how well that you and your former spouse are now. Divorce is a major transition in life, but the dating after divorce they are another thing. It is possible that your children react in an unexpected way to appointments after the divorce. Known and get ready for this, because itread more…


Marco Aldany

Marco Aldany and Be+Cause, have launched a program of promotion and awareness-raising of the population on volunteering under the message: do you have been good this year? With this initiative, the leading chain of hairdressing and aesthetics of Spain, wants to concentrate all its efforts in promoting a society more close and supportive, rewarding the work of all those who dedicate their time, effort and resources on helping the most disadvantaged. This action allows us toread more…


Notepad Work

Lasts about watching the videos 2 weeks, but not watching them to see him but put the main ideas on a Notepad and put the more important in it. When finished viewing videos at the end I said to myself, but if this is totally easy, because if they win because I not?, and I started to do all what they say at the foot of a letter, and tell him that in just 2 monthsread more…


Correction Language

Improprieties in the use of the gerund when the gerund accompanies another verb in verbal forms composed, presents no difficulties: he was eating, they came running, he was walking. But when used only, it presents many difficulties. They are incorrect the following uses of the gerund: 1. the gerund which expresses permanent action i.e.: an old man being fortune-teller told Me. Is incorrect the gerund which expresses permanent action, because it must express action transient, momentaryread more…